Healing Tip: Finding your Tribe

Healing tip: Find your tribe. Find one or a couple close people you can be your authentic self with, find those that will love you, care for you and won’t judge you — and you can do the same for them.

Get rid of toxic people who don’t support you. If you find friends or family member are silent while your struggling though your hardest times, distance yourself from or remove yourself from those relationships.

I’m totally convinced that the support, love and empathy you get from your closest relationships can be a make or break part of healing for many many of us. Empathy heals.

Also ongoing exposure to people who don’t support you or are toxic place a HUGE burden on our body that weighs us down.

I’ve found most of us have an intuitive sense of those that really love and support us — often this gets suppressed when we are in an activated / adrenalized state.

Get a feel for who really supports you vs who would quickly leave you if they are upset or offended. Often once we are paying attention, we can often get a huge idea of who is supporting us from their most basic words and when they choose to respond and how. Pay attention to words, actions and the WAY people speak to you and to others. It tells you a lot about them overall. (everyone has a bad day at times – so context and patterns matter)

Once you get out of the worst of the situation — you may be able to start feeling what is right again

What goes on with our brain and emotion is HUGE in controlling our body overall. I’m convinced this is a missing piece (emotional /neural-retraining type of issues) for many many who are stuck with chronic, lingering health issues.

With love;