Enzymedica – Enzyme Defense Extra Strength, Most Advanced Immune System Support, 90 Capsules

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The company says:

“Recommended Use: 1 capsule once daily on an empty stomach, one hour before or two hours after a meal. More may be taken as needed.”

“Enzyme Defense™ Extra Strength is two times the potency of Enzyme Defense™. The formula has an enzyme blend that provides support to purify the body and assist in removing proteins that do not belong in the bloodstream.* This allows the immune system to focus on areas of need. Additional enzymes are included to break down excess mucus and promote healthy circulation.*

Enzyme Defense™ Extra Strength is not an “immune stimulator,” rather a supporter of healthy immune function.*”

Blocking blue light – Orange Glasses

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Check out this article we found: https://www.consumerreports.org/eyeglass-stores/3-blue-blockers-put-to-the-test/?fbclid=IwAR1AJhdd9DtDyNESwLB5XArM_38NyPRo9jO_3j4amzsKsva29J56DGH_ZrQ

In an ideal world, we would get off ALL electronics around sundown to match what our bodies evolved with – light from the sun followed by darkness — maybe lit up by the moon and fire.  Instead most of us are bombarded with bright blue light in the evenings that tell our body it’s time to wake up.  Many people have found that it’s hard to get away from that bright light at night, so they choose to use glasses like the ones below to reduce the intensity / make the color tone more red.


Top picks for night use: ( I rotate some, but typically use one of these top 2 glasses)

Spectra 479 glasses also block some green light, which may have added benefit over some other glasses (TECHNICAL SPECS – Tested to block 100% of light from 280 – 490nm (this includes UV). Blocks 99.82% of light in the critical 450 – 510nm range. This is the most disruptive wavelength of light at night. It is also the same frequency of light that is blasted directly into your eyeballs from electronic devices! Always wear protection!):

Another favorite at this point. (make sure to get the amber max lense for night use).  I personally like the feel of these frames slightly better than the first one, but the top lenses feel like they block slightly more colors, but also have a bright tone to what you see.  If I’m out in a store or similar, I prefer this one.  At home at night, I like the lenses in the top one a lot.

VERY similar to the first glasses, but a larger style so it can sit on top of other glasses.  A top choice if you wear prescription glasses and don’t want the expense of a extra set of prescription glasses that are tinted to block blue light:

Very cheap, but effective options. Very much just like plain old safety glasses. Tolerable, but not super comfortable.

These are red glasses.  I’ve come across some information that people have even more good results when they wear red glasses the last hour or two before bed.  These appear out of stock as of March 2021

For daytime computer / indoor use, some choose to use a 30%-60% or so blue blocking glasses.  I do NOT consider these suitable for night time use in my opinion.  I have the pair of gunnar for computer use.  The bottom pair has been suggested by others for a lower cost option.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.