Optimal Thyroid Results

Learn more about optimal values From Stop The Thyroid Madness here: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/lab-values/

This page is a tool for members of Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care

Many many people ask us for more precise number of where patients land when optimal.  This tool is not so that you focus on a ridgid black and white number, but to help give you an idea of where patients land when optimal.  This is based on our (AFTC) interpretation of optimal values.

2 Replies to “Optimal Thyroid Results”

  1. FT3 1.9 range 2.0-4.4
    FT4 0.6 range 0.7-1.8
    RT3 7.2 range 9.2-24.1
    TSH 3.660 range. 0.400-4.500
    Was taking 180 mg of NP thyroid
    10/3 changed to Nature Thyroid 195mg
    Wondering if this is gonna help get me optimal? What medicine would be best! Naturopathic dr said no Hashimotos!

    1. of course it’s totally up to you but we haven’t seen nature thyroid during the trick to get people optimal in almost 2 years now since they clearly made some changes.

      Many people are looking towards using T4 and T3 together at this point.

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