Assistance programs and resources for paying for medication / labs (Thyroid Meds)

Goodrx is a valuable option for reduced price medication.  It essentially works as a coupon, sometimes with dramatic discounts.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance:

Resources for finding health insurance:

LapCorp discounts for those without insurance coverage for labs:

Quest Diagnostics assistance program:

Costco discount program:

A tip from a group member:

“Another thing to note if you have a large bill after insurance pays, call when you have enough to pay off at least half and ask for what discount you can get for payment in full. I was shocked that they are happy to clear an account for 50%. The first bill I called to pay off after my husband’s chemo & surgeries told me to ask every bill with a balance. They all offered 50% except for one which was 75% off. –  I was grateful the first one I called told me. I just asked for all of them to send me a paid in full receipt and they did! Saved almost 4k.”

Ask for medication samples!

Financial assistance for those with Thyroid cancer:

An excerpt shared with us from Light of Life Thyroid Cancer Survivors  Please visit the site for more details.

“**Last year, Patient Access Network Foundation (PAN) and ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association announced a new alliance to provide support for people living with thyroid cancer.

From Gary Bloom, ThyCa’s Executive Director, ” We are thrilled to work with PAN, and to provide extended support to our patients and families. This alliance will connect us to even more patients in need, expanding the number we are able to help, and hopefully alleviating some of the financial pressures that come with the diagnosis, treatment and management of thyroid cancer.””

Also from Light of Life Thyroid Cancer Survivors the following criteria apply:

From the site: Patients who qualify for the PAN Foundation’s thyroid cancer program are eligible to receive up to $12,000 per year in financial assistance. Eligible patients must be getting treatment for thyroid cancer; must reside and receive treatment in the United States; must have Medicare health insurance; and the medication for which they seek assistance must be covered by Medicare and must treat the disease directly. In addition, patients must fall at or below 500 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

How to Apply:

Patients, or advocates and caregivers applying on their behalf, can apply for assistance using the PAN Foundation’s online patient portal (, or by calling 1-866-316-7263, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. To learn more about PAN’s more than 50 disease-specific programs, visit

Additional resources from Light of Life Thyroid Cancer Survivors.

**There is also assistance strictly for Thyrogen.

Financial Assistance Programs
If you have health insurance…
The Thyrogen Co-Pay Assistance Program is here to help you with the cost of Thyrogen.

Eligible patients qualify for a $0 co-pay subject to a maximum annual co-pay assistance amount of $1,000. This may include any manner of co-pay, co-insurance, or deductible.

If you have questions about eligibility or program benefits, please call your ThyrogenONE case manager at 1-88-THYROGEN (1-888-497-6436)

**Lastly, check out CANCERCARE’s financial assistance information at
A book, ‘A Helping Hand: The Resource Guide for People With Cancer’ is available as well at

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