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The purpose of this group is to create a supportive environment for those that are suffering from Adrenal Fatigue and related issues such as Thyroid disease (hashimoto’s, conversion issues, etc.). We share carefully selected information to help with Adrenal fatigue and associated issues. We are well educated patients sharing information, but are not doctors. The choice of what to do is always yours.
Welcome! This group is run by Jamie and Nicole. Please post your questions in the group if at all possible unless there is a privacy issue or we ask you to message us. You are always welcome to message us if you have concerns about something happening in the group (such as suspected spam).
The companion web site to this group is: The companion page is: Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care
We are just asking that when you are looking for help with thyroid and adrenal questions, you please try to keep those in the group. We are both volunteers and this genuinely helps us from getting overwhelmed with private messages. Thank You.
This group shares experience. We try to avoid a focus on strong opinions from any one web site or author. We instead focus on experience. Sharing what we have and have not seen work in the real world.
** Please read this post – it takes under 2 minutes to read in full **
Everyone is welcome to share their experience. The admins are very experienced with thyroid and adrenal information and make a sincere effort to share information on as many posts as possible. The admins take a great deal of pride in ensuring information shared is safe to the very best of our experience.
We want this group to be fun and comfortable, but to manage a busy group and keep everyone safe, we do need some rules. Please take a look at these and let us know if you have questions about what’s okay.
Ask any questions you may have related to your health (we’re pretty relaxed if things get a bit off-topic)
Be nice & respectful to everyone here
Relax — we try to make this a comfortable, fun group
Learn from the information shared here
Please don’t post anything promotional things,like products you sell
Please don’t discuss anything illegal
Don’t discuss Multi-level marketing products (too many people are taken advantage of by these)
Full Rules:
Note: Not following the rules will generally result in a warning and possibly being muted (which is a temporary restriction on posting). Selling or taking advantage of members, will generally result in a ban.
(1) Links to other blogs / groups are generally okay as long as they are not your own site / your content / article. We prefer you not direct people to other groups that cover the same thing as we do here and may remove such links.
Do not post your own blog, group, site, etc. – We know this is sometimes innocent, but too many people use their own blog to sell. Please post directly to the group with information you want to share. This group is not a place to promote your business / group / page in any form.
(2) Comments that are faith / religion oriented are fine as long as they don’t stir conflicts. If you are looking for religious support, you may want to find a group dedicated to your faith. We discourage anything political, but may allow in a limited fashion if is health related, such as insurance coverage issues.
(3) No mlm(multilevel marketing) products are to be sold or discussed in this group. That includes telling a member to pm you for more information about a product. This is a zero tolerance policy and will generally lead to an immediate ban.
(4) No blocking of admins. — Jamie Dolan and Nicole Hightower
(5) We have purposely limited practitioners and doctors in this group. Some respected professionals are here by invitation, those professionals are welcome to share their information and resources. If you joined and are a professional in any way, we ask that you only act as a patient here, unless you a prior have an arrangement with us. Acting as / stating your a medical professional may be grounds for removal at the discress of the admins for the harmony of the group.
(6) Do not post any type of referral link that you profit from in any way, shape or form. This includes GoFundMe type of sites to raise money.
(7) Respect and safety: The admins do our best to point out information we know if problematic or dangerous. In very limited situations, we may shut down or remove posts that contain information we know is dangerous.
(8) Do not discuss obtaining prescription medications without a prescription such as overseas purchases. This is your choice if this is something you want to do, but due to legal issues, we don’t discuss it in this group. State laws vary and this isn’t legal in many areas.
This group is also NOT a substitute for medical information. Any information shared here is taken at the discretion of the reader. We urge you to do your own research and see what works for your personal biochemistry – ideally working with your own doctor or practitioner. It’s always your choice what to do with the information that is shared here. The group admins nor the authors of any of the information shared here can take any responsibility for what you choose to do with this information.
This group is NOT about telling you what to do. It is about sharing what has and has not worked for many others in a given situation.

How people tell us they support their body if they need to Vaccinate

Some resources members have shared with us are below.  It’s your choice if you find this information applies to you or not.  We all have to make our own choices.

We ARE NOT telling you what you should or should not do.  Many have told us this is an important topic to them, thus we are sharing some resources here.

Please work with your doctor and make your own decision as to what the right approach is for you.

Russell Blaylock, MD: What to Do if Force Vaccinated

How to Detoxify and Heal from Vaccinations for Adults and Children

Holistic Vaccine Detox Protocol for Babies and Children

What to Do When You Have to Vaccinate

A Gentle Vaccine Detox for Children

10 Ways to Detox from Vaccines

10 Ways to Detox from Vaccines

How to Protect Yourself if You Are Force Vaccinated

How to Protect Yourself if You are Force-Vaccinated

Reference Links

PLEASE NOTE: We have found information that we have found useful on the following sites.  It’s likely we don’t agree with all information found on said sites.  Posting a link here is not a endorsement of that sites content overly — merely that we have found the particular page we are linking to, to have some valuable content.

Please evaluate the information on these pages on it’s merits and ask us if you have questions.

Take your Calcium! (Calcium-D-Glucarate that is)

Wait, do we really need to take more calcium?  Didn’t we learn anything from Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

Luckily, Calcium-D-Glucarate is different than regular calcium.

What is Calcium-D-Glucarate good for?

“Calcium D-Glucarate is a relatively common nutrient found in many fruits and vegetables. Many believe that this nutrient aids the body in the elimination of many harmful substances and helps to lower abnormally high levels of steroid hormones including estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone.† Both of these effects may help to protect against the development of certain tumors.

One tablet (500 mg) of Calcium D-Glucarate is equivalent to the phytonutrient activity found in 82 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. This nutrient is currently the subject of numerous clinical studies and is proving to have great potential for addressing various health concerns.”

Quote from: 

This article goes into detail about the support that Calcium-D-Glucarate can profile.  To learn more click here.

What patients have learned about saliva testing

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

The information on Stop The Thyroid Madness is excellent for saliva testing and what we share is generally very consistent with this information.

This is the page about saliva testing on STTM:


Please take careful note of the labs patients have felt are not doing the trick below for various reasons for our needs as thyroid / adrenal fatigue patients . It’s always up to you, this is just based on patient experience, not medical professionals.

Patients in the UK say that Medichecks isn’t perfect for their needs, but have said they usually get enough info to make it worthwhile, but it’s up to you.

As of 5/2020 patient are reporting that Genova is coming back with many high to VERY high results on MOST tests for MOST persons.  People are saying this doesn’t make sense compared to their history and symptoms.  Up to you to decide if this works and make sense for your situation, this is simply a report of what people have told us in their opinion about their results.

This page is good to study before testing:
Supplements and Meds Influencing Your Cortisol Saliva Results 

Patients report optimal test times (modify is schedule is atypical):

Within 1/2 hour of waking, noon, 4-5 and bedtime.

Labs often seem to suggest no food 2 hours prior to samples.

Patients report:

No caffeine the day of or day before the saliva test (wean to avoid headaches)

Test on as normal of a day as possible (no fights or added stress)

No exercise on test day.

No lip products the day of testing.

Nothing in mouth 1/2 hour before each sample

Thyroid meds taken as normal (Adjusted to not have anything in mouth 1/2 hour prior to each sample)




For support from your fellow patients, please join Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care by clicking here.

Order Here

(links are below)

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Affiliate disclosure:  If you choose to use affiliate links on this site  – we will get a small commission.  You pay the exact same price when you use an affiliate link to make a purchase.  Money earned helps cover the cost of hosting this web site.  If you choose not to support us, that’s fine, simple purchase directly from the retailer of your choice without using the link.

For those that prefer to order from amazon, here is the link. (it is slightly more costly than other options, but some prefer amazon):

For California and most other states if the Amazon link is out of stock, please check these sites:

Canary club: 

Testing VIA BLT – All states that allow self-testing:–4x-saliva-testing.html?fbclid=IwAR2ei5RpkNmCGHNylVl7CuPgtTfBgH8UGwP3xYwkD7UNXChlcltEzg9-HUc

Canada Testing:

Many are using ZRT or Rocky Mountain.
My MedLab ships to Canada.  Can use this number and tell them you saw this via STTM: 417-782-6169

Australia testing:

United Kingdom

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Test.
This test also measures levels of Secretory IgA an important marker for immune function and helps to show how stress may be impacting on immune function.

Saliva testing WITH Sex Hormones: 
(Note: Some patients report feeling blood testing for sex hormones is more accurate, others report that saliva has been fine for them)  This kit is for sex hormones and cortisol:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.