Interview questions for your doctor

This list is some SAMPLE questions that you can ask your prospective doctor to get an idea of if they will be willing to do the right things for you. These may or may not apply to your situation, edit the list to suit your needs!

Do use a 4-point saliva test to evaluate cortisol?

Do you use free T3, free T4, reverse T3?

Do you tested BOTH antibodies?

Do you use ultrasounds to look for thyroid disease or areas of concern?

Are you willing to use physiological replacement doses of NDT and T3.
This can mean;
T3 doses of 75 micrograms a day or higher in some cases.
NDT in the 3-5 grain range.

Do you understand the significance of reverse T3 and how to address the issues that cause elevated reverse T3?

Are you willing to use a physiological replacement dose of hydrocortisone if necessary for severely low cortisol levels? (30mg a day range is what women typically report needing)

Are you willing to use florinef for aldosterone which is below about mid-range?

Do you understand TSH will be near zero when on NDT / T3 and dosing is by watching Free T3, Free T4, reverse T3?

Do you understand nutritional aspects to testing, such as testing RBC selenium, RBC potassium, etc?

Do you charge for brief follow-up questions with you or your nurse via e-mail?

Do you understand the importance of diet and gut health and work with patients to formulate an approach to improving gut health and to do testing if needed?

Can you test / read an organic acids test if needed?

When dealing with infections, do you tend to focus on more natural methods such as herbals or do you go straight to antibiotics? If you prefer herbals, will you consider antibiotics if they become necessary?

How to Find a Good Doctor For Thyroid Patients

The following information is shared with you by fellow patients / reported by patients. This information is to be used at your discretion. You and you alone are responsible for you choices in regards to your medical care. By using this site, you agree to hold harmless the site owners / operators for any and all results of use of this information.

You are not feeling well and suspect it may be your thyroid. If you have had much experience with conventional doctors, you likely have realized that it’s not as simple as working with the first doctor you find. .

The patients who have gotten better have told us over and over they have had to put in effort to find a good doctor. Sometimes these doctors are covered by insurance, sometimes you have to pay cash. But you always always have to search to find that doctor that will partner with you and do the right things.

Remember even once you find a good doctor, it’s still about advocating for your needs!

Functional medicine or integrative medicine doctors are often better than average, but as stated elsewhere here, do your research and make sure they will do the right things for you.

I suggest you use this page as a reference (use what applies to you) for some questions to find out if your prospective doctor may do the right things.

Next, some tips:

One of the best things we have found, that is discussed on the above page, is to try calling a pharmacy and ask who is prescribing T3 in your area. This is NOT private information. Try a different pharmacy if needed.

What about going to an Endocrinologist?

Patients have told us over and over that Endos don’t do the right things to get them optimal. It’s usually about looking for a different type of licensed medical doctor. We advocate for working with a licensed professional who can prescribe, but that usually isn’t an endocrinologist.

Additional Resources:

Some additional resources. THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF THE DOCTORS LISTED ON THESE PAGES. This are resources to help guide you and give you doctors to look into. As is discussed in the above video you need to do your research and find one to partner with you. This may mean trying more than one doctor to find the right fit.

PLEASE ENSURE THE DOCTOR YOUR LOOKING AT IS A LICENSED DOCTOR AND NOT SOME KIND OF PRACTITIONER. Thyroid patients need someone who is licensed and can prescribe.


Thyroid Change

Functional Medicine Doctors– only want those who can prescribe. Ignore the chiros, pharmacists, etc. Be sure to expand the range to 150 miles

The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating physicians and other health care professionals on the safe and effective application of integrative medicine

Alliance for Natural Health

Paleo Physicians Network

Doctors who prescribe LDN (not a comprehensive list)

LDN Doctor- get your prescription online 

Have you worked through these resources?

If you are a member of our facebook group and you have exhausted the above resources, you can message Nicole to find out who we have on our list of patient reported doctors. (patient report is KEY. We can not guarantee these doctors will be good, but they are generally better than average as patients have reported these names as being better than average). You MUST send Nicole your state / region / area you live in our you won’t get a response! New: You must include the code word zebra in order to get a response. This is due to the overwhelming amount of people who are not reading this page and are simply looking for us to do all the work. Thank you!

Please allow up to 2 weeks for her to respond as she gets a lot of requests. Thank you.