What patients have learned about saliva testing

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The information on Stop The Thyroid Madness is excellent for saliva testing and what we share is generally very consistent with this information.

This is the page about saliva testing on STTM: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/saliva-testing/

As of 5/2020 patient are reporting that Genova is consistently coming back with high to VERY high results on MOST tests for MOST persons.  People are saying this doesn’t make sense compared to their history and symptoms.


There are multiple labs that work for saliva testing. LabCorp, Quest and Cell Science do not use full ranges and optimal values can NOT be calculated for any of these labs. Basically these labs (LabCorp, Quest and Cell Science) are useless and I have to suggest a new test be done with a different lab if these labs are used. NOTE: GENOVA HAS CHANGED AND NO LONGER HAS FULL RANGES. Patients tell us they no longer use Genova unless they don’t have any other options in their country.  Patients say that in the UK that Genova may be the best option at this point- but you have to decide what is right for you.The genova 6 point “cortisol awakening response” test does NOT have ranges for the waking samples, in addition to lacking them at bedtime.  Thus your are left guessing without a range for the morning sample AND night.  The 4 point genova is only missing a range at night, which is sad, but many found it workable when they didn’t have other choices.
Patients report not using Labrix because they have said it hasn’t been producing accurate results for most.  Totally up to you.
Patient in the UK have been using Genova, however; As of 5/2020 patient are reporting that Genova is consistently coming back with high to VERY high results on MOST tests for MOST persons.  People are saying this doesn’t make sense compared to their history and symptoms.

This page is good to study before testing:
Supplements and Meds Influencing Your Cortisol Saliva Results 

Patients report optimal test times (modify is schedule is atypical):

Within 1/2 hour of waking, noon, 4-5 and bedtime.

Labs often seem to suggest no food 2 hours prior to samples.

Patients report:

No caffeine the day of or day before the saliva test (wean to avoid headaches)

Test on as normal of a day as possible (no fights or added stress)

No exercise on test day.

No lip products the day of testing.

Nothing in mouth 1/2 hour before each sample

Thyroid meds taken as normal (Adjusted to not have anything in mouth 1/2 hour prior to each sample)




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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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For those that prefer to order from amazon, here is the link. (it is slightly more costly than other options, but some prefer amazon):

Most US States (Does not work for California at this time!)


Patients report the following work for California:
Canary club for those that prefer: https://www.canaryclub.org/home-diagnostic-tests/focused-test-profiles/focused-tests/cortisol-4x-stress-profile 

Testing VIA BLT – All states that allow self-testing:


Testing in New York
Multiple members living in New York successfully ordered this kit. (There are different rules / laws with testing in new york state. It’s up to you if you want to order from this link, but so far we have no heard of anyone having problems and this has been used by people for over a year.  Again totally your choice what to do, this is here for informational purposes only as others have reported it worked.  If you have problems, please let us know.)

Canada Testing:

Many are using ZRT or Rocky Mountain.
My MedLab ships to Canada.  Can use this number and tell them you saw this via STTM: 417-782-6169

Australia testing:


United Kingdom

Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Test.
This test also measures levels of Secretory IgA an important marker for immune function and helps to show how stress may be impacting on immune function.

Saliva testing WITH Sex Hormones: 
(Note: Some patients report feeling blood testing for sex hormones is more accurate, others report that saliva has been fine for them)  This kit is for sex hormones and cortisol:

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31 Replies to “What patients have learned about saliva testing”

  1. What to start with? Thought I started with Fibromyalgia in early 1990’s. Now think it was hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, etc. Little to no treatment from doctors. Now have osteoporosis, high blood pressure,etc. Sure, after reading your pages, it all stems from thyroid and lifestyle that exhausted my adrenals. Graduated nursing school age 40 . Mental problems with husband, three kids to raise, worked in intensive care burn center 12 hour shifts. Did all jobs Really well. Exhausted me finally. Where to start to get some life back. In bad shape . Where to find a doctor to help. Too tired to do a lot to help myself now. 1000’s spent on books, supplements,etc. This site has most knowledge I have come across anywhere. What test or tests to get started. Thanks.

  2. the order button (red) does not seem to work as a link, and the amazon link says that the product is unavailable. Please Help!

  3. There is no reason to freeze and mail over night. Several studies have shown cortisol saliva is extremely resilient in heat and cold and it doesnt not effect results.

    1. This is counter to strong experience that has shown over and over that samples are affected by the heat. It’s your choice what to do however.

    2. Where did you hear that? I don’t think that’s true. Sounds like you’d fudge up other people’s results with no information to back that up.

  4. Do you really have to do this within 30 minutes of waking up? I am one of those people STTM describes as waking up frequently. I have gone off all forms of caffeine and any supplements that would have interfered and it is throwing my sleep off even more.

    If I lie there half dazed for an hour at 7am is it OK to do the saliva test at 8am?

    1. All the optimal values were developed with people testing at waking. So normally people test within 1/2 at the latest.

  5. What about if you are taking hydrocortisone for adrenals? It was suggested to me that I stop it two weeks before testing. Doing that scares the holy crap out of me. Would it even be safe to do that?

  6. Above says that Labcorp , Quest and others 24 hour saliva test is worthless. Can someone elaborate a little on this?

    1. They don’t use full ranges or use less than / greater than signs, so you can’t read the results accurately.

    1. It’s a kit from ZRT labs, which is a good lab. Patients have stressed how important it is to make sure to follow the direction on this and the linked pages to get accurate results and not just follow what the lab says.

  7. Filled tubes mid last week and put in the freezer. Decided to wait till monday to ship. I saw somewhere that we were supposed to ship on ice but I can’t find that info now. Should I ship on dry ice? It’s been 104 here.

    1. That’s really warm weather. We do know that heat can affect the samples. Is there any chance it might cool down if you held the samples for a week or something?

  8. If things cool down, this time of year wed’d be looking at maybe 96 at best. Ugh, I know! Do you think dry ice would be ok?

  9. If doing the first sample 30 min after waking…. If i wake up at 5 and can’t fall back to sleep do I need to do my first sample then or when I get out of bed at 7? And if I need to do it at 5 am do I do all the others in 4 hours intervals? If so, the last sample would be done way before bedtime…
    Thank you!

    1. We have figured out optimal values by testing as close to waking as possible. Not when we got out of bed.

      We always want that last sample when our body is clearly telling us it’s time to sleep.

  10. Do you know how long it takes to hear results from ZRTLAB? I sent my kit back over 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything. Do they send the results or put online?

    1. Usually about 10 days. I would contact them if you still haven’t heard back. Sorry i didn’t see this a few days ago. Thanks

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