Kitchen Part 2

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One of my favorite high quality cutting boards
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Anova Sous Vide — We use the Anova nearly daily in our kitchen. This is a more powerful model that what we have, but is a great price at the moment. Make sure to clip a coupon too when you buy it if it’s still available.
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Potane Vacuum Sealer:
I know not everyone likes using plastic, but the benefits outweigh the risks for us. The extra life we gain on foods by keeping them vacuum sealed in amazing. We have used this unit for about 6 months so far with great results.
If we do a marathon season, it seems to get warm and need a break, but otherwise has been very consistent.

Kitchen related goodies

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A few of my favorite things for the kitchen:

NOTE: Some of these are not on sales yet at the time of this writing, but are likely to go into the sale rotation this week on amazon in my experience. Keep an eye out for sales if this interest you.

Water Filter.

There are probably some totally fine units on amazon I could look up, but I don’t have personal experience with them. I use a water filter built by these folks in Texas. They helped me figure out what I needed and shipped it to me. You can call and talk to a real person. It’s been a while, but was in the $500 ballpark for a very complete RO system with extra tanks and faucets.


With just a few exception, I often use wusthof knives. I have a couple benchmade that are also excellent ( I’ve been using the meat crafter a lot in recent weeks actually). Many knives even from the factory are hit and miss with how sharp they are. I suggest professional sharpening, unless you really really know what your doing. I use: — You can mail knives to them for sharpening, they are legit, I’ve been there in person and know the owner.

A 8 inch chef knife is one of the base knives everyone should have. I have this knife (I have a different style handle that I think was discontinued, same metal).

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Paring Knife. This small knife is a favorite for Karen.

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If they are in your budget and you want a high end fillet style knife with a great strong edge, made in the US, these are very nice. Not in everyone’s price range for sure. They just introduced some other kitchen knives in different styles, I have not used these yet. I did have a new edge put on the meatcrafters shortly after purchase, they were not a bad factor edge, but not at the level I was pleased with. I’ve come to accept this is normal that I have to re-sharpen many knifes even right from the factor to get the edge I want.

If these knives are out of your price range, get a knife you can afford and professionally sharpen it. It will get very sharp – but it’s a question / gamble how long it will hold the edge for. Depending on use and how fussy I am, a $10 knife might hold an okay edge for me for weeks, a wusthof will do 3-6 months+. I’ve not had them that long, but guessing you get closer to a year on the benchmade. This is with at-home use multiple times a week to daily.

Sous Vide

This rapidly became my favorite way to cook most meats. You place your meat in a vacuum sealed bag or silicone pouch if you are avoiding plastic, remove as much air as possible and place it in a water bath at a set temperature. The time and temp varies with the meat and the goal.

For example, Most steaks I cook are in there for around 1 hour at 127F and then finished on my grill (broiler). I end up with consistent steak house level results (only variable is the quality of the meat) every time I cook.

I found mine on special at sams club for $99 a year ago, it came with a plastic tank, which is nice, but you can also use a pot or other heat resistant container.

The unit has been very reliable overall — it has “glitched” a couple times and had to be unplugged and plugged back in. Not a big deal, but thought I’d mention it. I heard they have good customer service, but have not used it.

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I have a couple wood cutting boards we use often. This is one I often use for serving / cutting steaks. It’s really important for the life if your knives not to use glass, stone, etc. Only use wood or plastic if your don’t mind using plastic.

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The grill I finish meat on is on sale:

Otto Wilde Grill Sale

If you want to be able to grill steak house style meat at home with a broiler, this unit is awesome. This is for outdoor use only and works with propane. I suggest using a Souis Vide unit with it. We use this grill almost daily. We have the model with a drawer.

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