Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio Calculator – Sex Hormones

When healthy, women should fall between 100 and 500.

If the ratio is higher, that may indicate progesterone domination.

If it’s lower, then estrogen domination is more likely.

Make sure the units are correct before entering your numbers!

Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio Calculator

10 Replies to “Progesterone to Estrogen Ratio Calculator – Sex Hormones”

  1. My ratio in March was 4,867 (P=5.5, E=1.13). Retested in Nov and ratio is 281.7 without any kind of treatment. What is concerning is that my progesterone has dropped to 0.2 and my Estradiol has dropped to 0.71 in a short 8 months! While my ratio is now “normal” I don’t think it’s “normal” to have a Progesterone so low. Any ideas on a course of action?
    *I am currently taking 100mg of Progesterone but if that just raises my P, then my ratio will be way off again!

  2. Hi! What a fabulous tool! Thank you for offering it.
    Mine is exactly 100. I was taken off estradiol to “detox” from too much estrogen. Now I take .5g 2x a week for better sexual function, which I unfortunately miss sometimes. The FNP I saw said the hot flashes I experience are from the detoxing.

    Could the lingering excruciating night sweats be from this low ratio, by any chance?

    I am trying to find the cause of these sweats and find a remedy. Thank you for any advice. Karen

    1. My ratio came out to 51.4 I am still not clear what that means? Is estrogen dominance indicated? If so wish it had been addressed during my 30s when menstruation was a nightmare. Had an ablation still have menstrual cycle. Now just menstrual migraines.

  3. I just had blood drawn and my Progesterone = .21 ng/mL
    and my Estrogen = 27 pg/mL
    This puts my ratio at 7.78

    I am 60 years old, postmenopausal. I have vaginitis and chronic gastritis for over a year. I’ve had two
    surgeries in 2019 to repair prolapse (with hysterectomy and ovary removal). I’ve had NO libido for over a year. What can I do to help my situation??

  4. Mine was estradiol : 40.61
    Progesterone: 0.8
    Ratio 20
    Guessing Estrogen dominance & having a lot of low progesterone symptoms!

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