Interview questions for your doctor

This list is some SAMPLE questions that you can ask your prospective doctor to get an idea of if they will be willing to do the right things for you. These may or may not apply to your situation, edit the list to suit your needs!

Do use a 4-point saliva test to evaluate cortisol?

Do you use free T3, free T4, reverse T3?

Do you tested BOTH antibodies?

Do you use ultrasounds to look for thyroid disease or areas of concern?

Are you willing to use physiological replacement doses of NDT and T3.
This can mean;
T3 doses of 75 micrograms a day or higher in some cases.
NDT in the 3-5 grain range.

Do you understand the significance of reverse T3 and how to address the issues that cause elevated reverse T3?

Are you willing to use a physiological replacement dose of hydrocortisone if necessary for severely low cortisol levels? (30mg a day range is what women typically report needing)

Are you willing to use florinef for aldosterone which is below about mid-range?

Do you understand TSH will be near zero when on NDT / T3 and dosing is by watching Free T3, Free T4, reverse T3?

Do you understand nutritional aspects to testing, such as testing RBC selenium, RBC potassium, etc?

Do you charge for brief follow-up questions with you or your nurse via e-mail?

Do you understand the importance of diet and gut health and work with patients to formulate an approach to improving gut health and to do testing if needed?

Can you test / read an organic acids test if needed?

When dealing with infections, do you tend to focus on more natural methods such as herbals or do you go straight to antibiotics? If you prefer herbals, will you consider antibiotics if they become necessary?

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