Monolaurin and L-Lysine

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Optimal Thyroid Results

Learn more about optimal values From Stop The Thyroid Madness here:

This page is a tool for members of Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care

Many many people ask us for more precise number of where patients land when optimal.  This tool is not so that you focus on a ridgid black and white number, but to help give you an idea of where patients land when optimal.  This is based on our (AFTC) interpretation of optimal values.

Crisis Hotlines

Please reach out if you need help.  These are crisis / suicide hotlines.  These numbers are accurate to the best of our knowledge.  Please let us know in the comments if you know any are not accurate.  Thank you.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline (This line appears to be for any type of urgent help and not necessarily suicidal help)
Samaritans 24-Hour Crisis Hotline (212) 673-3000

Other Hotlines:

Bullying: 1-800-420-1479
Self-harm: 1-800-366-8288
SexualAssul: 1-800-656-4673
Grief Support: 1-650-321-3438
Depression: 1-630-482-9696
Drug / Alcohol support: 1-877-235-4525
Eating Disorder: 1-630-577-1330
Mental Health: 1-800-442-9673
Abuse: 1-800-799-7233

Text Crisis line (for any crisis):

Get free help now: Text RISE to 741741 in the United States.


Argentina: +5402234930430

Australia: 131114

Austria: 017133374

Belgium: 106

Botswana: 3911270

Brazil: 212339191

Canada: 5147234000 (Montreal); 18662773553 (outside Montreal), Canada-wide counseling service for youth (aka kids help phone) 1-800-668-6868

China: 85223820000

Croatia: 014833888

Denmark: +4570201201

Egypt: 7621602

Finland: 040-5032199

France: 0145394000

Germany: 08001810771

Holland: 09000767

India: 8888817666

Ireland: +4408457909090

Italy: 800860022

Japan: +810352869090

Mexico: 5255102550

New Zealand: 045861048

Norway: +4781533300

Philippines: 028969191

Poland: 5270000

Russia: 0078202577577

Spain: 914590050

South Africa: 0514445691

Sweden: 46317112400

Switzerland: 143

United Kingdom: 08457909090

USA: 1-800-273-8255