Kitchen Gadgets!

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It’s nearly black friday 2018.  I can’t promise these gadgets will be on sale, but they are worth watching.  These are a combination of my favorites and those that members have said they love.

Watch closely for these to be on sale on Black Friday or Cyber monday.

Who doesn’t have an IP (instant Pot) by now?  Well I’m sure some are still looking to get started or want a second one:

I have not used this myself, but members report loving this:

This is a staple of any kitchen! If you don’t have a good stand mixer, now is the time. We have had a kitchen aid like this for at least 18 years now. Still works as well as the day we got it.

We don’t vacuum seal as much as we should, but it’s a great way to make food last longer. Check out this well reviewed unit (we have a similar one, but this brand seems to get better reviews)

We don’t have this exact model, but we LOVE the slow cooker in winter. This unit is similar to what I use and it has excellent reviews:

I keep meaning to try this, but haven’t purchased one yet.

I love this skillet for cooking or broiling in the oven:

Here is a cheaper one if you don’t care about the brand name.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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