The End of Natural Dessicated Thyroid medication (NDT)…

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In a stunning move, the international porcine association announced today that they will no longer be endorsing the anatomical gift section on their drivers licenses.

Sadly without these precious donations, prescription NDT will not be able to be produced.

We asked Sally the pig what lead to this drastic decisions.  “We let people use us for Bacon, Chops, ribs, but come on, enough is enough, we’re keeping our dignity and our thyroid glands.”

It was a bold move made on behalf of pigs everywhere, but Sally reported “I feel good about the decision, let the cows have a turn giving up their thyroids, those cows ain’t no good for bacon, they can give up the thyroid at least”.

Stunned thyroid patients have yet to respond to this breaking news… Especially considering none of us knew prior to today that pigs could talk.

Happy April 1st!

7 Replies to “The End of Natural Dessicated Thyroid medication (NDT)…”

  1. I without a thyroid agree that we need not harm any animal for the sake of finding better treatment for the thyroidless patients, a synthetic T4/T3 I believe a better option

    1. Synthetic is not better for people that have Autoimmune diseases that need to take a thyroid medication, like Hashimotos disease. There are so many fillers in the synthetic medications, that it affects our bodies and makes things worse. Especially if those fillers are gluten based as the gluten attacks our thyroid and makes our disease worse.

  2. I’m on the pig thyroid meds .
    I just got diagnosed and my dr thought we should try it first . My numbers are better but I feel no different which makes me wonder if i need my thyroid treated if I feel the same regardless ?

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