Endocrinologist declare themselves the center of the known universe

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Breaking:  Today the endocrinologist of america have announced that endocrinologists are the center of the known universe.

Previously their ego only allowed them to believe that they were the center of all human life on the planet earth.   However, as of today they now believe they are the center of the known universe.

With this new found ego boost, they will continue to shove doses of T4 down the throats of thyroid patients everywhere with no regard to their quality of life.   They will continue to hold patients hostage to TSH and force them to live for conversion.  They will continue to declare adrenal fatigue as a factitious disease, much to the dismay of patients everywhere.

They will hand out copious amounts of antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds to help compensate in a meager way for the sub-standard thyroid treatment they are providing.

One day, patients will say they have had enough….

*Much respect to the good doctors out there.  Sadly the above is a bit of satire comedy is all too real.  It illustrates the struggles patients report that they face every day with most endos they visit.

p.s. we love Stop The Thyroid Madness becauses it’s all about patients speaking out when they had enough and reporting what actually WORKS!

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3 Replies to “Endocrinologist declare themselves the center of the known universe”

  1. This is so funny. I went to a Harvard trained endocrinologist (top of the line!!! so excited!) who said that basically there is not adrenal fatigue, I wasn’t hypothyroid even though I brought a list of symptoms and asked me if I was crazy in front of my husband. I found the right doctor and I’m doing great! He’s not an endocrinologist. I’m treated for hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. He got me out of bed and into life. Nope, I’m not crazy.

    1. So do I. We are not crazy! Probably we are able to listen our body and to know about what is better for ourselves! 😉

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