How people tell us they support their body if they need to Vaccinate

Some resources members have shared with us are below.  It’s your choice if you find this information applies to you or not.  We all have to make our own choices.

We ARE NOT telling you what you should or should not do.  Many have told us this is an important topic to them, thus we are sharing some resources here.

Please work with your doctor and make your own decision as to what the right approach is for you.

Russell Blaylock, MD: What to Do if Force Vaccinated

How to Detoxify and Heal from Vaccinations for Adults and Children

Holistic Vaccine Detox Protocol for Babies and Children

What to Do When You Have to Vaccinate

A Gentle Vaccine Detox for Children

10 Ways to Detox from Vaccines

10 Ways to Detox from Vaccines

How to Protect Yourself if You Are Force Vaccinated

How to Protect Yourself if You are Force-Vaccinated

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